ISBA Welcomes Shawn Hyde

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The International Society of Business Appraisers (ISBA) welcomes Shawn Hyde, CBA, CMEA, BCA as its new Executive Director! Shawn comes to us with almost 20 years of business appraisal experience. Shawn’s first exposure to the fact that a privately held business can have value over and above the value of its equipment, was assisting in the family business brokerage office. After 6 years of focusing on helping business owners buy and sell main street sized businesses, Shawn moved into appraising businesses full time. He earned his Certified Business Appraiser (CBA) designation in 2003 and began speaking and writing on the subject for the Institute of Business Appraisers. He has worked full time since then in the business appraisal industry, in Idaho, Illinois, Michigan, and then back again in Idaho where most of his and his wife’s family live.

Over the past couple of decades, Shawn has met many experienced and knowledgeable business appraisers who did not hesitate to share their wealth of knowledge with him. In fact, one of the first National Conferences he attended was the Institute of Business Appraiser’s (IBA) Share the Wealth conference held in Orlando, Florida in May of 2001. These events have had such an impact on Shawn, that he has always been willing to share what he has learned about the industry with anyone.

Shawn enjoys teaching and helping other business appraisers succeed! In fact, Shawn’s first experience with the ISBA was to teach the combined Level 1 and Level 2 courses for obtaining the Business Certified Appraiser (BCA) designation in late 2014. Now, as the ISBA’s new Executive Director, Shawn hopes to continue the tradition he benefitted from at the beginning of his career, by facilitating the sharing of the wealth of knowledge accumulated by experienced business valuation practitioners with the ISBA’s membership!

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