View on Valuations: Sharp Sticks

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We have all received those notices from the various professional organizations that we belong to. You know – that notice of Continuing Education Reporting requirements. 

Many times, that notice elicits the same response as when the Department of Motor Vehicles encourages you to visit one of there local offices to renew your driver’s license.  Both events I used to equate with the experience of a sharp stick in the eye. 

But lately, I have changed my mind about continuing education in the fact that it should be something I want to do – not viewing it as a requirement.  Since I have taken that change of mindset, I have made it a point to learn one new professional fact/idea/technique each day. Whether I am speaking with a prospect, a client, a competitor or anyone else, I have tried to see one fact that will make me a better business valuation professional.  Maybe it is as simple as a new mindset, but now I see continuing education as something I am seeking out, not trying to run from.  And it amazes me where this quest for new professional skills takes me daily.  I gained one new insight just yesterday when speaking with a prospect and when asked about the trends of his industry, he provided an answer that would only come from a knowledgeable source which I can now use in another issue I am dealing with from the same industry.  Now if I can learn just one thing while at my scheduled visit to the DMV later this week, I will throw away my sharp stick.

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