View on Valuations: Summer

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Seasons of the year are consistent like many other factors in our professional lives but every year, the summer season can cause concern.  As our clients and prospects take vacations and spend time away from the office, the phone may ring less frequently, and the stream of potential assignments became less robust. 

A new valuation professional can become anxious and the thought that the sky is falling becomes a daily mantra.  This holiday week of July 4 causes me to think about this recurring situation to remember that soon, the rhythm of business will return as it always has in the past. But, aren’t these slower times of business activities good opportunities to make those adjustments you know need to be made but have pushed to the very bottom of the to-do list? 

Maybe now is the time to invest in that new software that will enhance your valuation practice as you know that a time-consuming learning curve will follow.  Or how about these recorded webinars you have wanted to listen to for months and just have not made the time to enhance your knowledge base?  Or how about that extended time of reflection and planning with a business coach, mentor or marketing guru to set the tone for the remainder of the year?  But an extended period away with toes in the sand or a hook in the water without an email insight could be even more productive. 

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