View on Valuations: They Need Us

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The list of reasons why the services of a business valuation professional are needed by his/her client does not change.  Our clients retire, endure divorce, pass away unexpectedly, sell, merge, refinance, plan for retirement, plan to beat the tax collector and other reasons which seem to be the same today as what they were last year. 

What do change are factors that impact the timing and often the motivation for our clients to call for our services.  An expected diagnosis from the doctor or a certified letter from our spouse’s divorce attorney may speed up the need for the valuation.  When that unexpected turn of events happen, will a possible prospect find us?

To many of us, marketing of who we are and what we do can be equated to a sharp stick in the eye.  Technical proficiency in business valuation can be learned, taught and sometimes caught but the soft skills of selling/marketing is a task that many of us don’t take seriously enough.  Those valuation professionals who are true professionals have learned that marketing is like other professions in the fact that marketing should become part of a daily routine.  Professional sports stars don’t just show up the game and strap on the equipment and begin to play.  No, there are hours spent in the batting cage, on the free throw line or on the driving range that we as spectators don’t see daily.

Marketing should be seen with the same focus that it takes effort everyday not just in a frenetic exercise when the deal pipeline drops to a slow trickle. 

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