View on Valuations: True Pros

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As valuation professionals, we each have varying degrees of expertise, experience and reputation which has been earned, caught and/or taught.  When we are working with a client, it is easy many times to detect that our level of expertise in overall business acumen and bottom-line enhancement might exceed that of our client.  After looking at financial reporting documents from many business operations, we see common errors or areas that could be improved upon to enhance the value of a business.  

The dilemma we then face is do we move from the valuation role into a consulting role when our initial scope of work may not lead us officially into that area.  Or more directly, do we invest the time in helping a business become better (i.e. more profitable) when we may not see a return on the minutes and hours these types of discussions will entail? 

In our pursuit of a larger top line for our personal practice, we sometimes will elect to not enter that conversation which would benefit someone else.  On the other hand, those who do provide those coaching tips to a client or suggestions to improve business quality are in my eyes “true professionals” even if no one recognizes the effort. 

To provide added value to client leaving them as a better business operator is more important than one more LinkedIn post or Twitter feed that pats oneself on the back. 

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